Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wow: Guys you rock PPA'S to try

So today I've been playing with some new new software via PPA's, for all the guys doing this many thanks.
Open up Software Sources. Click on add source. Type in ppa:name of ppa. Click on add.

Gnome-shell: 2.29.1~ Looks better, feels faster and more responsive much nicer than earlier attempts. ppa:vperetokin/unofficial-gnome-shell

Epiphany: 2.29.6 Wow is all I can say. As fast as Chrome/Chromium, open source, plugs into seahorse/gnome keyring for password storage, smaller font makes it much better for netbooks. ppa:webkit-team and ppa:webkit-team/epiphany

New Gwibber: Guys this is the release we want, this is awesome, everything is displayed sensibly, everything about it is pretty, great work. ppa:gwibber-daily

To all those involved in the creation of these apps and there improvements, many, many thanks. The work you do is really appriciated and I don't think thank you is said enough. Keep up the good work...