Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Quote The Rock "Final the WUBI is back in Ubuntu"

Big shout out to xivulon, evand and cjwatson if you see these guys at any party buy them a drink they deserve it :)

This cycle wubi working with Ubuntu has been the bane of their existence. Now however it's back baby. It's rocking with all of it's goodness and elegant simplicity.

Wubi is the Windows UBuntu Installer it creates a couple of virtual drives in your windows install and then proceeds to install ubuntu (replace with you desktop of choice) into them. This can then be remove from a windows install simply and easily using the windows add/remove tool. But more important means that if you need windows on your machine for work or college or university etc then you can, but you can also have ubuntu on there with out the hassle of partitioning etc.

This is a great tool if your forced to use windows during the day but need you daily hit of ubuntu at breaks on the train etc. Welcome back wubi :)