Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ubuntu One (Am I Missing Something)

This is my own personal view only. You can tak a fence but a gate is more useful

is a trademark that belongs to Canonical...
That means it can be applied to any SERVICE they choose.

RMS when he first laid out the lay of the land said "And companies can make money from the services they provide".

This is Canonicals first atempt at user level services. I for one think they are doing the correct thing by linking this service to Ubuntu as that is the intended market. New users may know the Ubuntu Name but not that Canonical are their sponsor.

On a final note Why whine? If your not happy with it don't use it, vote with your feet! The fact of the matter is there are propriatary drives in Ubuntu and you choose whether to use them or not, why should this service be any different? To be honest I think that it will still be around it's too useful not to be.

Congratulations Canonical I hope things go well for your infant service and I can't wait to see what other features you'll add.