Monday, May 01, 2006

I've been noticing of late just how familiar the two main Linux Desktops are preceeding. Memory utilisation, speed, multimedia and desktop drawing seem to be the four main targets in my opinion.

Gnome is now using a gstreamer/alsa configuration intgrated into esd (rather than recreating the wheel) Kde are going a different way though lets face it Arts Sucks, so now they are working feverishly on the all new Phonon which in theory is what esd has done but maybe more flexible?

Everyone wants the ability to drop a dvd in their pc and have it play and it seems that, that might be the goal of the developers aswel again gstreamer via fluendo are releasing a lot of video codecs to make things on Linux just work which is what everyone wants. Also Kde again are adding this feature which they never really implemented in Arts to Phonon.

Memory usage has been reduced in both Gnome and Kde not low enough in my opinion but then I'm no developer and at the end of the day it is a huge improvement. This improvement automatically brings to the fore the management of memory and therefore the speed processes run at and this is where the big gains have come in the latest releases of Gnome and Kde.

Finally Gnome is pretty much got Ciaro as a backend now for everything and KDE4 will be having Arther. What difference will this make I hear you chant this is a new drawing backend for Gnome and Kde which uses SVG (vector graphics) rather than more traditional and slow to draw Linier graphics. This give both desktops a huge memory boost without actually doing much to the system it may look the same it may act the same but it is the same.

In conclusion it is good to see that both of these huge Desktop teams have what I believe to be our needs in mind. I wish both teams all the best with these endevers and my only hope is that they meet the hype created and then surpass them all. :-)