Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lighthouse Workday

So today for a change we had the first of a hopefully a monthly get together for home workers of the Midlands.

The Lighthouse some of you might know from LRL. It has a simple usage policy you buy drinks and food from their cafe and you get to use the work area for free.

So first impressions are good, plenty of light, WIFI was now locked so worked well for a change, power was provided as were tables and chairs. It was altogether a pleasant experience.

Bigcalm came across from Telford and together we sat and worked, had a chat about what we did, had a laugh and a joke about the fact that we both ranted at our machines for not doing what we wanted, enjoyed the food and finally had a nice day. My thanks to him for taking the time out to come :) , and my commiserations to the people who wanted to come but then couldn't due to work :(

If your a home worker in the Midlands why not come along to the next one scheduled for Thursday the 17th of November once again at the lighthouse Wolverhampton. If you're interested ping me on freenode username davmor2.