Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My god Ubuntu look like they have scraped gnomemeeting in favour of a new voip solution called ekiga. I am guessing it will just work which seems to be ubuntu's way of working. Free calls for all a goal at the begining of hoary.
Firstly many thanks AQ.

For you see it was he who suggested using this Blogging service.

I have been thinking about setting up a blog for a while and not really known anything about what it entailed. So here it is my blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as me writting it.


For the last few weeks I have been busy trying out different Linux desktops and Distro's. I have come to the decision that Gnome is the way for me to go. I have given Kde, whose applications I must admit seem more mature and complete, a few days also Xfce which is a light weight desktop, which is designed for more speed or lower end machines. I have tried and liked DSLinux which is another light desktop taking up a meager 50meg DSL uses FluxBox desktop which is very fast if not a little sparse.

I have tried Red Hat Fedora Core 4 this distro was a lot better than Core 3 but still, in my opion, is let down by it's package manager. That said it's update manager has improver 3 fold so congratulations to Red Hat for the work they have done. Opensuse Linux was another distro that I tried and althought it has greatly improved it just seems to lack the look and feel that I enjoy from Ubuntu. Ubuntu just seems to look feel and behave the way I want my os to work. Although it lacks the nice touches that are included with Core 4 and Suse for configuring the system etc. it just feels rigth to me. That said I am preparing myself for the most daunting challenge of my Linux user time to date. I am going to try installing Gentoo and Linux From Scratch the thing with both of these is the emense amount of compiling time required which to be honest is one of the reasons why I feel daunted by it.