Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm wondering...

I'm wondering just how to go about increasing the popularity of Linux? Does it start at grass roots and work it's way up or does it start at work level and work it's way out?

If you use Linux everyday at work would you be more or less likely to make the change? I thought about this long and hard and you know unless you brought your shiny new pc to play games then I see no reason why you wouldn't. But if your pc is for your work and the kids to play their games then your just not going to leave Windows. For families kids are always going to want to play games and until Game studios start making them for Linux and bringing them out at the same time as their Windows counterpart I feel you will never really capture the market of families at home.

If you start Kids using Linux at school however? This brings a whole new perspective on things. If the kids start using Linux at school and home then game studio's will begin to rapidly port their games over for Linux, why because their target is kids. Nobody seems to care about the opinion of the 30 + crowd until voting time, just look at the music scene, videos, tv, and the clothing industry. Everything is aimed at kids to twenties, this is where we (the Linux community) need to concentrate our efforts, I believe.


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