Monday, July 24, 2006

Well What Can I Say....

If you host it they will come. Boy didn't they. There were about 350-400 people at LugRadio Live this year that's almost double last year. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, but as there didn't seem to be that many complaints I'm guessing you did.

There were a wide array of people from all sorts of backgrounds, there were Women (excellent talk by JEN,KAT and PHATED) newbies, developers, experts and of course beards (so Jono had to be mentioned).

The talks varied from usability to how to destroy open source. Best talk Had to be Bruno with the statistical analysis of LugRadio Swearing. It was hilarious (nice one Bruno) I'm hoping the videos will be out soon as there were some I want to see but missed. Probably the two most well attended talks were The LugRadio mass Beard shaving extraviganzer and Mark Shuttleworths talk about the direction he could see linux taking.

Another mention of thanks to Kat for the LRL06 Cakes for the Saturday night Party. Also a special mention of Thanks to the FOUR LARGE GENTS without you it just wouldn't be LugRadio:)


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